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VA Disability Claims Course

We Go Step By Step Through The Process Of Submitting Your VA Benefits Claim


& The Process

The VA does not work or function like any other organization on planet earth. Understanding how the disability claims process works is crucial to your success and mental health.  

Conditions & Documentation

Not all conditions qualify for VA disability benefits. Many disabilities are secondary to the primary disability and have a huge impact on your final disability ratings. Proper, factual documentation is key.


& Follow Up

The VA claims process can be a lengthy one and there are several claims types you can file on your own and some you may need a lawyer for. We will let you know which is which.

Resources to File Your Claim

Here are a few of the most popular requests from our clients:


Request all of your military records here. These include your service records, performance records and medical records. The account if FREE and available to all veterans.


Your VA.GOV account is FREE so get your account today. This will be the fastest way to file your claim and get information from the VA.  

Board of Veterans' Appeals

Get information on how the Board of Veterans' Appeals works.  Learn what to expect from an appeal to the board.  

VA Claims Checklist

Download a FREE checklist that details what you need to file your VA disability claim.  Don't submit your claim without referring to this checklist.

Personal Statements

Download sample statements you can use to model your personal statement, spouse or buddy statement from.  These statements are considered evidence in your claim.

Official VA App Store

Download apps from the Official VA App store to follow up on your claim, submit updated information, schedule a medical appointment, reorder prescriptions and more.

Migraine Buddy

FREE app to track your migraines. Record severity, frequency, medication taken, time of day, weather and more. The app will also email a pdf report you can submit with your claim.

Navigating the VA Disability Benefits Process

FREE resource on what you need to know to submit your own VA Disability Benefits Claim

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