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Real Results For Veterans

Do you know how military veterans really struggle with optimizing getting the VA disability benefits they deserve?

Well, what we do is make optimizing VA disability benefit claims easy for military veterans so they can receive the disability benefits they deserve.


Here Are A Few Of The Results From Helping Veterans With Their Claims

One Simple Phone Call

Client: 50% Disabled Veteran

Business Case

Veteran was rated at 50% disabled and receiving VA disability compensation and VA health care.  The veteran felt his was under-rated for  his disabilities.  

Our Process

We spoke with the veteran and reviewed his service-connected disabilities and what each disability was rated at. We noted immediately that the veteran had not received a mental health evaluation.  We advised the veteran to speak with a mental health provider at the VA about his combat deployments and how he was adjusting to civilian life.  The one simple phone call led to the veteran being diagnosed with PTSD - Combat Related and an eventual 30% increase to his disability benefits.

70% PTSD

Combat Related

One Phone Call,

One C&P Exam

30% Increase In

Disability Benefits

Post-Surgery Disability Increase

Client: Shoulder Surgery

Veteran was rated at 10% for shoulder surgery received while on active duty. Surgery involved extensive repairs with four (4) suture anchors used to stabilize shoulder for the healing process.

10 years after leaving active duty the Veteran began experiencing limited range of motion and increased pain in the shoulder.  After speaking with the veteran we advised a claim submission requesting a rating increase based on pain increase and limited range of motion.  This resulted in an increase from 10% initial rating to 30%.

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200% Increase In

Disability Rating

PCP medical records


200% Increase in

 Disability Compensation